sex in water

Make love in the water, a fantasy that makes a splash

Cuddling in the sea or even in a swimming pool involves risks, which can spoil the holiday a little. Prevention is better than cure… infections.

Make love in a swimming pool like Loana and Jean-Edouard from “Loft Story “, without the cameras, in the sea like Leonardo DiCaprio and Virginie Ledoyen in La Plage , or even cuddle on the sand like Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in As long as there are men , here is which remains terribly tantalizing. As sexologist Antoine Spath explains, “it gives the impression of a transgression, since sex does not usually take place there. But also a return to something reassuring, reminiscent of the stay in the womb of the mother. Try sex in water.

Without forgetting the risk of being surprised, which increases the excitement, and the fact that the movements are easier there, the bodies being lighter. Because as demonstrated by a certain Archimedes, “any body immersed in a liquid undergoes a vertical upward thrust equal to the weight of the volume of liquid displaced” . In other words, it’s time to try these positions synonymous, on solid ground, with lumbago and kidney towers. Yes… but in fact, no. All things considered, that wouldn’t be such a good idea.

Caution plums and mushrooms

First, frolicking outside is considered sexual exhibition and can therefore earn you a year’s imprisonment, as well as a 15,000 euro fine. It ruins holidays in the sun to end up in the shade, doesn’t it? Then, the vaginal flora and the vulva are not at all fond of these explorations off the beaten track. Salt water, chlorinated water, sand… so many elements likely to cause irritation, itching and many other joys.

“The bacteria contained in the water, aggressive for the genital mucous membranes, favor the appearance of urinary infections” , adds Dr Catherine Fohet, gynecologist in Brignoles (in the Var), who also recalls a fundamental point: “Whether it is at the sea or in the swimming pool, the water, in any case, dries up. This causes problems with vaginal lubrication and therefore discomfort during intercourse.”

Obviously, doggy style cannot be recommended here because of the risk of drowning.

Also note that in the sea, you can have bad encounters with jellyfish or sea urchins, and that on the sand live microscopic beasts. More generally, water pollution can be an aggravating factor in certain skin infections. Fortunately, some beaches benefit from the Blue Flag label , which attests to their good environmental quality. All this does not really make you want to go and snort!

Send yourself well to sea

In the case, however, where the call of the waves would still be too pressing, the gynecologist recommends shortening the report and rinsing the genitals well with clear water. Other advice: put and remove the condom out of the water because, it should be remembered, water does not protect against STIs or STDs. It is better to choose an area where you can walk, that goes without saying. To circumvent this problem of dryness highlighted by Dr. Fohet, there are waterproof lubricants in specialist shops. And for a “caliente” session on the sand, a large towel can help avoid some unwanted intrusions.

Afterwards, make way for the imagination. To give yourself some ideas, there is an aquatic Kama-sutra, the Aqua Kama-sutra . A short swim is an opportunity to test the position of the vine: a person standing, feet firmly planted on the ground; and the other, with her legs wrapped around her pelvis, because lifting is easier – thank you Archimedes. Or that of the interview, where the two partners are standing, one of the two leaning forward.

Obviously, doggy style cannot be recommended here because of the risk of drowning. The little death shouldn’t be followed by the big one, all the same. You can also do without a partner, like Cathline Smoos, sexologist , who says she made love directly with the ocean.

“We created a device where there was my sex toy which was connected in real time to meteorological data from the ocean, wave height and spacing between two waves, which we transferred back to the sex toy in real time” , explains- she in the documentary Sexplorations broadcast by BrutX . In other words, the sex toy vibrates differently depending on the intensity and frequency of the waves. Researcher’s verdict: “It works and I like it.”

The water has no rating

sex in waterAccording to an IFOP study , if 73% of French people say they want to make love “more often” in summer, water is not a place of fantasy. 52% of men would like to realize the fantasy of making love on the beach, compared to 39% of women. The swimming pool is supported by 47% of men and 39% of women.

We are far from a plebiscite. In reality, it is the so-called “dry” places, such as the forest or the fields, which are popular (62% for men and 46% for women). They too have their share of disadvantages – twigs, stones, ears – but they probably present fewer complications than water.

To finish breaking the myth, Virginie Ledoyen recounted the underside of her love scene with the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio for the film La Plage by Danny Boyle : “On screen, with the music of the All Saints, it’s very attractive. But to turn… We are under the fleet, we kiss underwater, we have snot everywhere, we spit… It’s not glam at all! Accuracy that kills: a technician held their feet so that they remained submerged. Enough to put ours back on earth.

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